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  • Will Peer Pressure Make Americans Save More
    Improving one's financial habits may not top everybody's list of New Year's resolutions, but recent studies suggest that some tactics people use to follow through on their intentions -- especially relying on different types of peer pressure -- can also help them with their money habits. The only problem: They can also backfire.
  • 3 Ways the Recession Changed Retirement.
    Back in 2007, many thought they'd be set at age 65 with money from that house they planned to flip, and flush retirement accounts from a stock market that just wouldn't quit. But the recession changed all that. Now retirement looks different. Here are some of the ways it's changed:
  • For 2012, Investing Pros Say Reshuffle the Deck
    Gold is out and munis are in when it comes to trendy investment picks, but the larger lesson from a tumultuous year is to stick with a diversified plan.
  • 8 Smart Estate Planning Steps to Die the Right Way
    Making arrangements for your final days and beyond isn't just about helping your family through difficult times. It also lets you designate representatives to make decisions about your care, withdraw money from your accounts to pay your bills and celebrate your existence exactly the way you want
  • Some Long-Term-Care Insurance Is Better Than None
    A modest long-term care insurance (LTCI) policy may not cover all the costs of a nursing home stay, but having some LTCI coverage is better than none.
  • Americans to Forfeit $34.3 Billion in Vacation Days 
    According to a new survey, the average American worker earned 14 vacation days this year but will only take 12 of them. With so many workers feeling insecure about their jobs, they are determined to pay down debt and boost savings, rather than splurge on vacations.
  • What You Don't Often Hear About Those 'Greedy' One Percenters
    The rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement has brought with it a renewed emphasis on the impoverishing notion of envy. But people who bemoan the economic means possessed by the 1 percent rarely consider the gargantuan efforts required to get there.
  • The Most-Overlooked Tax Deductions
    The opportunity to make mistakes on your tax return is almost unlimited and missed deductions can be the most costly. This article presents some common blunders.

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